Sovis Brothers Add Two Events To Season

Wes takes the win at Peak2Peak.

Perhaps still riding high on the champagne and victory sauce from Saturday’s Peak2Peak, Cody and Wes Sovis have announced they will attend two more races this season in addition to the Iceman Cometh.

After Wes’ victory at the prestigious Peak2Peak Mountain Bike Classic, he is looking to keep his form ahead of the Iceman Cometh, which was itself an addition to his calendar made just this past Friday. Cody, too, is adding both events as his form is steadily returning after a bad crash at Pando in late September.

The Gents will represent TOLaw at the KissCross Cyclocross event this Sunday at Manhattan Park, Grand Rapids. The Jon Muller Memorial Race with honor area cyclist Jon Muller, a 47-year old cyclist who died tragically two weeks ago of an apparent heart attack. Most of the entry fees from this weekend will be donated to a college fund for his daughters, and donations will be accepted throughout the day at the registration table. TOLaw, KissCross promoter Rick Plite, and all of the cycling community encourages you to come out and support this family, and to honor Jon by riding your bicycle.

A week after that, October 29th, Cody, Wes and Joe Sovis will ride the Lowell 50, a gravel road race featuring beautiful scenery, tough dirt roads and high winds. As the final tune-up for the Iceman Cometh, expect the Gents to ride extremely aggressively and work over the field. “We’re going to be there on mountain bikes against a lot of people on cyclocross bike, so it will be a challenge. It’s going to take everything we’ve got,” said Wes Sovis, shortly after the races were announced.

Team director Dan O’Neil says the boys have “what it takes” to race such a long season, which began in March with the Barry-Roubaix. If all goes well, Cody will have completed 15 races this season, with Wes participating in all the same events except the Lumberjack 100, giving him 14.


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