TOLaw Takes Win After Course-Cutting Scandal Is Revealed! Intrigue! Surprise!

Wes secures the bikes after the Lowell 50.

Late last evening, Wes Sovis was notified by Lowell 50 officials that the provisional winner of the 18-29 Men’s 50 mile category was confirmed to have cut significant portions of the course.

In fact, he cut about half of it, completing the 27 mile circuit. His winning margin of 30 minutes over Wes was questioned early, but since no official times were confirmed Saturday, race officials waited to announce that Wes was, indeed, the winner. The course-cutting rider was not present at the awards ceremony and was not available to comment.

It is very likely that the winner decided to do the 27 mile route and simply failed to notify race officials. It is not thought that the rider purposely attempted to mislead anyone, or to gain competitive advantage. Wes Sovis released a statement saying he was “proud to take the win, and only regretted he was not able to get the double kisses from the podium girls”. There is will not be a formal investigation of the events of Saturday’s race.

Cody Sovis will slide up into second place in the race, giving TOLaw a 1-2. Also, the results finally released for the 27 mile categories reveal that Joe Sovis finished 15th in his age group, an impressive curtain call for Joe as he wraps up the 2011 season. Joe is expected to entertain offers to appear at cyclocross races for the rest of the fall, though said he “doesn’t get off his couch for less than $15,000”. Word on any races he attends will be announced later on.

Click here for the full, complete and accurate results. 


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