Iceman Cometh Will Conclude One TOLaw Rider’s Season

Cody will end 2011 season with the Iceman. Contract negotiations will start in December.

Even with the prospect of a handful of cyclocross races in the weeks after, Cody Sovis has announced the Iceman Cometh will be his final competition of the 2011 season. “I’ve logged a lot of miles over a very long calendar, and I need the rest now.”

Cody has raced in 14 events this season, two more than in 2010, and, in addition to the fatigue of such a long year, is quickly running out of money. He speculates that he has spent over $200 on Fig Newtons in 2011, and is closing in on $1,500 in gas expenditures directly related to bike racing. “That total would be a lot less if Wes would ever chip in for gas,” Cody lamented. The cost of competition has steadily increased over the years and, even with the generous sponsorship of Thompson O’Neil Law, the squad has not received a ProTour license, which was its original goal.

The squad has enjoyed 15 podiums since its formation in August, and collected three victories in that span as well. With a squad of just five riders, and only three of those riding at all events, the numbers are rather impressive and the team hopes to draw more sponsors heading into 2012. “When the deal with Nissan-RadioShack-Trek went through, we were the ones pinched out. Negotiations had been going very well,” said Cody, finally revealing that TOLaw had indeed been involved with the merger talks.

Since the end of last season, Cody has amassed 7,433 miles and trained for a total of 408 hours. His highest mileage total was in the month of August, with 867 miles. “All in all, it’s been a great year and I’m excited to end it with a race as big as the Iceman. I still have a great opportunity to end it on a high note,” he was quoted as saying while talking to himself at the library. “If I can finish well, ride hard, and enjoy it, the Iceman is going to be a great race. I don’t have a lot of ambition for it, so there isn’t a lot of pressure to do well. Usually, Dan (the team’s director) threatens us physically  if we don’t win, but he has been a lot more laid back since Wes took Peak2Peak and Lowell.”



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