TOLaw Future Uncertain, One Rider Retires From Sport

Wes taking the win at the 2011 Peak2Peak Mountain Bike Classic

TOLaw Management received the following email this morning from star rider Wes Sovis, announcing his plans to end his competitive racing career. The team’s future, Wes’ involvement in the team and the sport, and other considerations, are still uncertain. Cody Sovis has declined comment on the story, and has refused to discuss the future of TOLaw for next season. He says he has ‘plans to race’ next year, but will not name events, dates or disciplines. Here is Wes Sovis’ official announcement:

It is with great reluctance that I announce the end of my cycling career. Over the past two years, I’ve sacrificed time, money, and energy to be successful in a sport I truly love. Unfortunately, the sport demands as much money as it does passion. A big thanks goes to Dan O’Neil for his support last year, as well as the folks from Hagerty for all they did to help out Cody and myself. Sadly, I just cannot continue to justify spending so much money on a sport that can only repay my effort and expenditures in such a limited way.
I met a great group of people through the sport, and I’ll always ride my bicycle. Always. But my days of racing are solidly behind me. I learned a lot about other people while in this sport, but I also learned a lot about myself. I’m a happier, more confident person for having participated in cycling. I hope others have the opportunity to partake in the sport. My only wish is that the industry (race promoters included) can find a way to keep blue collar folks in the sport. The average Joe rider is being priced out of the sport, and I wish it wasn’t so.
Thanks for lending me your wheel, all.

Peace Profound,

Wes Sovis.


One thought on “TOLaw Future Uncertain, One Rider Retires From Sport

  1. Wow, sorry Wes you won’t be out there giving other riders a run for their money,. Terrific point on the financial aspect of bike racing plus costs just keep going up. Agree complety. You and Cody are great racers, sad to see Wes retiring. Cody you are going to have to step it up. ride hard.

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