The Squad Rules in 2012

This year, the Hagerty-TOLaw U-25 team put a dozen kids in over 60 bike races from March to November. It was an absolutely amazing season.

The first of its kind in the state, the squad gathered together twelve riders under the age of 25 to compete in road races, mountain bike events and ‘cross races around Michigan, taking more than a few podiums along the way. Bryan Carps emerged as a solid CAT 5 leader and one of the best climbers in the state. Jake Ellis was the top rider for the CAT 4 team, culminating an impressive season with a 6th place at the Cherry-Roubaix State Championship Road Race.

The younger riders also came on strong. Nathaniel made his debut not in the Junior race, but in the CAT 5 field at Mount Pleasant. A 56 mile wind-fest is no easy way to start your racing career, and he finished in style after slogging alone for most of the race, even after a number of other racers called it quits. Ian and Sean were huge riders for the team, and young Ryan rode his 24″ wheels in some of the big races of the year.

Ethan Koronka joined the squad an immediately proved his worth in the CAT 5 ranks as a top leadout man and a useful climber as well. With Bryan and Ethan both slated to move up to the 4s alongside their Hagerty teammates, the 4s will have a full 9-man team for the now terrifyingly tough June line-up for West Branch, Mount Pleasant and Cherry-Roubaix.

A huge thanks goes out to Hagerty and Thompson O’Neil Law, and check back to this blog for more updates throughout the winter and next season.


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