TOLaw Future Uncertain, One Rider Retires From Sport

Wes taking the win at the 2011 Peak2Peak Mountain Bike Classic

TOLaw Management received the following email this morning from star rider Wes Sovis, announcing his plans to end his competitive racing career. The team’s future, Wes’ involvement in the team and the sport, and other considerations, are still uncertain. Continue reading


2011 Iceman Cometh Challenge Ice Cycle Expo Gallery


This gallery contains 23 photos.

The 2011 Iceman Cometh kicked off today with the Ice Cycle Expo. The 4,500 racers and more than a few thousand fans will trickle through the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa to see vendors from around the country. TREK, Specialized, … Continue reading

The Sovis Clan Readies For the Lowell 50

After politely skipping the cyclocross last weekend, Cody, Joe and Wes Sovis will take the start in beautiful Lowell, Michigan for the Lowell 50. The race this Saturday marks the inaugural edition of the gravel road race, similar to the Barry-Roubaix that kicks off the cycling season.

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Mark Cavendish Signs For SKY, Wes Begins Contract Negotiations

The Missile Lands At Team SKY

Despite denying any interest in signing Mark Cavendish after the demise of HTC, TOLaw top man Dan O’Neil finally admitted that he had ‘some contact’ with the Manx Missile during the later stages of the 2011 Tour de France. Continue reading

TOLaw Cycling Wants YOU! And Your Camera…

Join Us!

Do you like bicycles? Doesn’t matter. Do you have a camera, video editing software and some spare time? THAT is what is important. TOLaw is gearing up and getting ‘stoked’ for the final two races of the TOLaw calendar.

The team is looking for energetic, fun-loving and warm-blooded camera folk to join us in taping certain portions of the Peak2Peak mountain bike race in Thompsonville, Michigan on October 15th and the Iceman Cometh on November 5th in Kalkaska. You will be recorded the laughter and the tears as TOLaw races, dominants and reminisces two of the largest bike races in the country.

If you have any interest in joining us, and to receive more information on how you will be paid (you won’t be paid much) please email Cody at

TOLaw Outraged At ‘Mechanical Doping’ Scandal, Interested In “How that would work”

Wes, probably not on a mechanically altered bike.

Top man Dan O’Neil was furious after various media outlets made claims that TOLaw was using systematic ‘mechanical doping’ for its riders. “That is a blatant and outrageous lie,” Dan said to cameras early this afternoon after eating a grilled cheese sandwich. “There is no evidence of any wrongdoing by our team. Besides, we can’t even change a flat tire, let alone install an electric engine.”

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Thrills and Spills for TOLaw at the Pando Fall Classic with Full Results

Cody chucks the Jawbones at the top of the Tow Rope Climb.

At a pre-race press conference, the Sovis family vowed to leave it all on the trail, swearing that fans and competitors alike would remember the TOLaw team was there to do battle. Arriving early, signing up and getting their bikes in order set up TOLaw for a day of serious bike racing. And what a day it proved to be….

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Contract Details Leaked! TOLaw Riders’ Intimate Incentives Revealed!

TOLaw's contract details have leaked. They also may surprise you.

The subversive and elusive network known as Anonymous has struck again, this time targeting the details of the TOLaw rider’s contracts, specifically their incentives and conditions. The same group, famous for leaking secrets as shocking and disturbing as Iraq war lies, Guantanamo Bay regulations and the dealings of the world’s top diplomats have revealed what we all wanted to know: What Wes Sovis demands before the races. The answer: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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Training Close-Up: Joe Sovis

Joe working on skinny tires at the Cherry-Roubaix. It's all fat tires from here on out...

Joe is the wily veteran of the TOLaw Cycling team and he knows better than anyone how to be ready to roll on race day. Joe let us check out his Strava account to see a normal training ride as he prepares for this Sunday’s cyclocross race at Plaster Creek Park, and even more importantly, for the Fall Classics.

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