The Flying Bohunk Update

We can finally start putting out the big news for TOLaw Cycling and Hagerty Cycling. Late last fall, whilst Nissan-Leopard-Trek began the merger to end all mergers on the ProTour, Traverse City’s oldest and newest teams began exploring the opportunity of bringing together Hagerty and Thompson O’Neil Law.

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August Update-Wes Sovis

Howdy, all.

So by now you all know that I am riding for a new team. I’m oober excited to represent the Thompson O’Neil Law Firm and to do so as quickly as possible in races and training. Thank you, Dan, for helping out a few kids chasing their dreams. Also, thank you Hags in Blue and White. I’ll be seeing you all again soon.. and hopefully keeping up.

Speaking of dreams, I’ve had very few of them recently. I have been laid up by a nasty cold since Thursday night and haven’t been able to  sleep (or ride) since. Obviously, this is very detrimental to the two very important races coming up this weekend and the following weekend. Big M is Sunday in beautiful Manistee, and the Cherry-Roubaix is just two weeks away. I once had rather high hopes for both, but let’s hope I can fake some form and get away without getting lapped in either event.

I’ve also rejoined the Facebook world after a two month hiatus because I realized just how difficult it is to keep up with my large family via texts and phone calls. Very time consuming. And let’s just say Google+ is a wonderful idea, but when after 2 weeks you only know 18 people on the site, its usefulness is rather questionable. So add me if you will; if you don’t, I will do my best to move on with my life.

Well I am going to rest up now in order to recover from this cold quicker. I do hope you all are careful on your bicycles or running, and I hope you all get out to enjoy this beautiful weather before we are buried under three feet of snow in December.

Stay out of trouble. Smart decisions.

Here We Come…

The time has come…Everyone involved is happy to announce the formation of the next great cycling team from the Traverse City, Michigan region. Formed on a foundation of skill, talent and an agreement that black is the coolest color for a bike jersey, Thompson O’Neil Law Cycling has finally arrived. Join us as we train, learn, race and win in our first season as an amateur and awesome cycling squad. Read our bios, race reports, videos and training blogs throughout the year for all the news from TOLAW Cycling.