The Iceman Cometh. He Cometh, Indeed.

TOLaw's Cody Sovis at the Peak2Peak

TOLaw’s Wonder Twins* Cody and Wes Sovis are fresh off a 1-2 at the Lowell 50 and are at full fitness heading into the Iceman Cometh Continue reading


First Ever ‘Gentlemen’s Cup’ Results, also known as “Tour of the Falling Leaves”

Mike Okma!

The results from the first-ever TC competition that rewards strong teams, strong riders, and strong people. It’s not about the prize, it’s about the race. The best award possible is the distinction of being good Gentlemen and Gentlewomen.

(For the TOLaw Recap, click here)
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TOLaw Cycling Wants YOU! And Your Camera…

Join Us!

Do you like bicycles? Doesn’t matter. Do you have a camera, video editing software and some spare time? THAT is what is important. TOLaw is gearing up and getting ‘stoked’ for the final two races of the TOLaw calendar.

The team is looking for energetic, fun-loving and warm-blooded camera folk to join us in taping certain portions of the Peak2Peak mountain bike race in Thompsonville, Michigan on October 15th and the Iceman Cometh on November 5th in Kalkaska. You will be recorded the laughter and the tears as TOLaw races, dominants and reminisces two of the largest bike races in the country.

If you have any interest in joining us, and to receive more information on how you will be paid (you won’t be paid much) please email Cody at

Pando Fall Classic: The ‘Circle of Certain Consternation’

A thundering Cody Sovis leads the race at Big M. He'll look to do similar damage at Pando.

TOLaw’s Classics riders Cody, Wes and Joe Sovis are prepping for what has been called the Spiral of Doom, the Circle of Certain Consternation, and the Whirling Dervish in the past few days. (Admittedly, all of these references came in the preceding sentence) The Pando Fall Classic is a staple of Michigan mountain biking, an annual test of late-season strength, climbing and guts.

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Training Close-Up: Cody Sovis

Cody suffering, but in the lead, at Big M.

All this week, TOLaw Cycling has been showing off their training routes leading up to the KissCross Cyclocross race at Plaster Creek Park, Grand Rapids. Today’s route is from team climber Cody Sovis, who now resides in the unbearably flat tundra of Allendale, Michigan. On this flat turf, he has turned to the mountain bike to work on his power, which will be crucial heading into the Fall Classics which demand well-rounded performances from racers hoping to finish high. While a strong climber, Cody has suffered on the flatter courses this year, which means he’ll need all the work he can get heading into Pando.

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Training Close-Up: Joe Sovis

Joe working on skinny tires at the Cherry-Roubaix. It's all fat tires from here on out...

Joe is the wily veteran of the TOLaw Cycling team and he knows better than anyone how to be ready to roll on race day. Joe let us check out his Strava account to see a normal training ride as he prepares for this Sunday’s cyclocross race at Plaster Creek Park, and even more importantly, for the Fall Classics.

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Training Close-Up: Wes Sovis

Wes powers away at Big M

The power puncheur of the TOLaw squad offered up his Strava account so we could take a look at a typical training ride for the fast man from Interlochen. Wes is currently working on his form for the KissCross Cyclocross Series which begins the very Sunday at Plaster Creek Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Already known for his impressive and powerful style of riding, Wes is fine-tuning his pedal-mashing ahead of the CX and Fall Classics sneaking up on racers, beginning September 11th.

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TOLaw Cycling Training Camp in Italy Cancelled

Sovis Bros at Pando in 2010. Retro jersey race.

Heading into the Fall Classics, TOLaw will not attend an altitude training camp as they’d hope. The squad had looked at a potential trip to utilize high altitude training, so popular among cyclists and endurance athletes in modern sports, in order to properly prep for the string of races this fall so important to the team’s mission. Team Director Dan O’Neil said the team would focus and train “here at home where everything is cheaper” rather then spend thousands on a trip to Livorgnio .

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