Iceman Cometh Will Conclude One TOLaw Rider’s Season

Cody will end 2011 season with the Iceman. Contract negotiations will start in December.

Even with the prospect of a handful of cyclocross races in the weeks after, Cody Sovis has announced the Iceman Cometh will be his final competition of the 2011 Continue reading


Wes Sovis’ Mission To Achieve 1,000 Watts

Wes. Probably cruising along at 1,000 Watts right here.

This afternoon, the younger Sovis portion of the team, Cody and Wes, embarked on a journey of unbelievably awesome potential. Setting aside their road bikes and hopping astride the mountain bikes that have been ignored over the past weeks, the Gents took off to Suttons Bay on the TART trail, which has a few miles of deliciously unpaved gravel paths and two tracks. The mission was simple: Have Wes break 1,000 Watts.

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Follow The TOLaw Fellows On Strava

Strava Is Cool

Now you can follow the TOLaw Cycling team on Strava by looking up their profiles on the cycling GPS site Strava. Check out distances, times, King of Mountain titles and other cool stuff, all while keeping tabs on the coolest wheeled humans on the face of the earth! Joe will have a Strava account soon, but in the meantime, the Sovis Bros and Dan all have data logged from last week. And what nice fellows they are as well.

Dan O’Neil

Wes Sovis

Cody Sovis 









TOLaw Will Not Offer HTC Riders Contracts

Mark Will Not Join TOLaw in 2012

In the wake of the tragic demise of cycling’s most successful team, rumors quickly spread that Traverse City based cycling squad Thompson O’Neil Law Cycling would be quick to snatch up former HTC riders like Mark Cavendish, Mark Renshaw, the Velits twins and others. TOLaw director Dan O’Neil was quick to put those rumors to rest: “Contrary to what you may have heard, TOLaw will not be signing Mark Cavendish or any other HTC guys; they’re all great riders but we don’t have room for them in this set-up.”

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August Update-Wes Sovis

Howdy, all.

So by now you all know that I am riding for a new team. I’m oober excited to represent the Thompson O’Neil Law Firm and to do so as quickly as possible in races and training. Thank you, Dan, for helping out a few kids chasing their dreams. Also, thank you Hags in Blue and White. I’ll be seeing you all again soon.. and hopefully keeping up.

Speaking of dreams, I’ve had very few of them recently. I have been laid up by a nasty cold since Thursday night and haven’t been able to ¬†sleep (or ride) since. Obviously, this is very detrimental to the two very important races coming up this weekend and the following weekend. Big M is Sunday in beautiful Manistee, and the Cherry-Roubaix is just two weeks away. I once had rather high hopes for both, but let’s hope I can fake some form and get away without getting lapped in either event.

I’ve also rejoined the Facebook world after a two month hiatus because I realized just how difficult it is to keep up with my large family via texts and phone calls. Very time consuming. And let’s just say Google+ is a wonderful idea, but when after 2 weeks you only know 18 people on the site, its usefulness is rather questionable. So add me if you will; if you don’t, I will do my best to move on with my life.

Well I am going to rest up now in order to recover from this cold quicker. I do hope you all are careful on your bicycles or running, and I hope you all get out to enjoy this beautiful weather before we are buried under three feet of snow in December.

Stay out of trouble. Smart decisions.